About Us

With a family history rooted in the textiles industry, it was inevitable that Alice Stone, the company’s founder, would create her own signature label. A love story spanning more than 45 years, Lily and Lionel (a seamstress and lover of textiles) were a permanent fixture in Alice’s upbringing, moving into the family home most weekends to spend time with their grandchildren. But their influence went beyond childhood; they are unwittingly responsible for the creation of a brand built on heritage and storytelling; beauty and longevity; covetable pieces to be cherished, collected, and shared over a lifetime.

Initially, Alice channelled this influence into a luxury scarf brand known for its hand- drawn vintage- inspired prints. By 2015, the brand had grown into a ready-to-wear British print house, delivering timeless collections worldwide from its London studio.

Lily and Lionel has evolved far beyond its luxury scarf origins. Today our brand philosophy revolves around the core principles of, our heritage, vintage inspiration, self-expression, and our collaborations. 

Prints that you won’t find anywhere else, resolutely British, interpreted for a global aesthetic. We design for the modern muse, the ‘Lady Rebel’ who confidently embraces her identity and challenges conventions. Our collections inspire women to feel confident, elegant, and fearless in their choices, embracing both their strength and vulnerability.

The constant curiosity at Lily and Lionel ensures that we keep evolving whilst always remaining true to our heritage. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with aligned brands which accentuate and compliment our brand message. Our commitment to curated elegance extends beyond garments, embracing accessories, home accents, and more. Lily and Lionel is more than a brand, it is a holistic experience that mirrors the spirit and elegance of our modern muse.