The Print House

Every print tells a story and print is where our story begins. The origin of Lily and Lionel lies in the concept that heritage, spirit, beauty, and longevity can all be transported and transfixed through the art of print.

The beating heart of our brand, The Print House, is where all our collections are born. Hand drawn or painted in our London studio, our prints are always intricate, often whimsical, and entirely unique. It is here that our creativity can flourish and through the skill of our incredible in-house team, our prints are reimagined for collaborations with other brands. Adorning a tablecloth, picnic basket or candle, our captivating prints bring day to day items to life. It is through these curations, collaborations and unrelenting curiosity that we proudly keep evolving and moving to the future, whilst resolutely remaining true to our heritage. Print is what we do.

Woodland Navy

With a nod to British interiors and ever-inspiring William Morris wallpapers, Woodland Navy takes the indoors outdoors. Woodland creatures nestle amongst oak trees or hide in the undergrowth, against a palette of deep blue with accents of burnt ginger.

Vintage Animal Bronze

An archive print, Vintage Animal Bronze has been reimagined for AW21 in warm shades of tobacco and copper, while dusty pink markings are brought to life by the natural shine of FSC-certified viscose satin.

Botanical Gold

A contemporary take on traditional, botanical illustrations, Botanical Gold’s rich, golden hues are brought to life by the natural shine of the lotus fabric, woven from the thrown-away stems of India’s national flower.

Floral Leopard Black

A hybrid floral and animal design, Floral Leopard Black is hand-painted in a smaller scale for AW21 in timeless black and stone, and printed onto viscose crepe.

Solstice Bordeaux

Inspired by the winter solstice, this hand-drawn print brings hope and light into the new year. Printed onto viscose crepe, it features sun motifs hidden amongst ivory flowers and scattered stars, against a rich Bordeaux background.

Polka Animal

Hand-painted in warm, caramel tones to look like a polka dot, Polka Animal’s subtle nod to a classic animal print creates an abstract design with natural texture when printed onto a cotton and linen blend.

Harvest Black

Printed onto viscose Georgette, Harvest Black’s stylised florals create energy and movement in this conversational, hand-painted print, offset by a chic, black and champagne colourway.

Blossom Ivory

Blossom Ivory’s expressive brush strokes are given depth and texture when printed onto a waffle fabric made from banana plant stems. The monochrome ditsy floral contrasts with its larger scale sister print for added interest.

Secret Garden

Inspired by our best-selling Pressed Floral Ivory print, Secret Garden evokes high summer; pressed flowers in sunshine yellow are tempered with dusky sage-coloured leaves.


A trademark Lily and Lionel animal print, Feline's washed black markings stand out against a biscuit-coloured backdrop.

Wishing Well

Lose yourself in the magic of the Wishing Well print, inspired by traditional Toile de Jouy and Japanese landscapes on vintage kimonos. Each time you'll spot something new: leopards lounging under a tree, hot air balloons, secret forest trails, sunsets over mountains. Dream away...

Silhouette Blush

A textured take on a floral print, Silhouette Blush's abstract red strokes clash softly against a pink backdrop for a tonal, easy-to-wear print.

April Gold

Printed onto a check banana fabric, April Gold's ditsy yellow florals sing against a chic, black base. Sunshine yellow that's easy to wear.

Garden Topaz

An artistic expression of a floral print, Garden Topaz’s fluid floral markings come to life against a jewel-blue base colour, a key hue for SS21.

Silhouette Blue

A vintage-inspired abstract floral, Silhouette Blue's fresh ivory flowers on chalky denim blue create texture to this tonal print. A timeless summer palette.

Floral Leopard Rust

A scaled down version of its mahogany counterpart, Floral Leopard Rust is a delicate interpretation of this hybrid, hand-painted print. Offset by an earthy base palette, the fresh ivory markings create an abstract texture and illusion of movement.

Pressed Floral Ivory

Created from pressed flowers picked during walks in the Devon countryside, Pressed Floral Ivory is inspired by the botanical blooms and herbaria from the breathtaking archive at Kew Gardens, London.

Tiger Blush

Tiger Blush’s bashful tones of pink and earthy rust offer a playful take on our signature animal print, hand-painted in the London studio.

Meadow Jade

From the freedom of a doodle emerges Meadow Jade, a hand-painted, abstract floral print on a palette of uplifting jade green.

Ocelot Midnight

An update on a classic, Ocelot Midnight’s hand-painted abstract markings create a graphic, two-colour animal print: a deep midnight navy base colour, offset by soft oat accents.

Curious Zebra

Inspired by a Vogue cover from 1926, the Curious Zebra is hand-painted in our London studio. A dazzle of zebras blend quietly into the dusky blues and creamy ochre; spot their monochrome markings jumping among the soft florals.

Floral Leopard Mahogany

Printed on a rich mahogany base, the Floral Leopard hybrid creates an abstract texture and illusion of movement within the hand-painted print. Warm, sandy colour markings complete the earthy palette.